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Perseus already here

A marble sculpture of the hero Perseus, which originally adorned the water terrace, has been installed in the

Who was Marianne of Orange?

Can this figure amaze or inspire us today? Welcome to Kamieniec Ząbkowicki. The project “New quality of sightseeing

Perseus and Nike

Hand-carved from a 6-tonne block of Carrara marble, the Perseus sculpture will soon be set up behind the

Historical value

The palace of Marianna of Orange in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki is a monument of great historical, architectural and artistic

A mysterious place

The park offers numerous vantage points and hills, to which we are guided by marble plaques preserved along

The ancestral mausoleum

The entire park contains a great number of buildings and installations such as cascades, fountains, drinking fountains, water

Original trees

Some original special varieties of trees planted in the park many, many years ago remain. Among the oldest

Night holiday sky watching

🌌🌠 NIGHT HOLIDAY SURVEY, or exciting time under the shimmering vault! 🌠🌌 Join our event where the sounds

Marianna’s Name Day

📣 Join us for a very special event! 🎉 🗓️ Date: 9.07.2023r. ⏰ Time: 16:00 – 20:00 📍


Palace Stories and Legends

We have fantastic news for your children! We invite all toddlers to a workshop entitled. “Palace Stories and

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