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Gravity-fed fountains

The fountains were activated by gravity – on the highest hill of the park mountain, behind the palace,

Fountains – animals

The small fountains on the terraces contained sculptures. Water gushed joyfully from each animal mouth. There were also

An army of gardeners

An army of gardeners worked on all the plantings and on the terraces and throughout the park, so

Exotic vegetation

To a large extent, the vegetation in the palace gardens was very exotic. During the summer, it was

New views

Each terrace offered new views and new water works, small garden architecture, pergolas, plenty of benches and shady

27 water works

The elevation difference of the cascade terraces at the front reaches 38 – 40 metres. There were 27

Further major works

Further major renovation work has begun on the grounds of the palace of Marianne of Orange in Kamieniec

Cascade terraces

The designer of the terraced gardens at the palace of Marianne of Orange was Peter Josef Lenne, director

The beauty of sculptures

We are continuing work on the restoration of the beautiful sculptures adorning Marianne of Orange’s Palace in Kamieniec

Perseus already here

A marble sculpture of the hero Perseus, which originally adorned the water terrace, has been installed in the

Who was Marianne of Orange?

Can this figure amaze or inspire us today? Welcome to Kamieniec Ząbkowicki. The project “New quality of sightseeing

Perseus and Nike

Hand-carved from a 6-tonne block of Carrara marble, the Perseus sculpture will soon be set up behind the

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